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Michele’s intuition and methods are on point. With her help, I have been able to perceive new possibilities for self growth and act on them.  Much unneeded baggage has been tossed away— old stuff that I could finally let go. I am inspired to take charge of my future and rewrite relationships whether personal or professional to freely live the life I have dreamed of.

W. Gillespie, Florida


I did not realize the impact of Theta Healing sessions with Michele would be as profound as they have turned out to be. Having experienced long-term trauma, stress and recent familial issues with grief-related loss and the attendant rough energies that such can provide, it was with great relief that I found that I have been feeling more present and in a way more My Real Self.  This is a good thing as I never understood how a lifelong background level of anxiety and sadness hung in my life until it was gone. I find myself in the weeks subsequent enjoying a continuous deeper and unusual (for me!) sense of calm and capability. There seems to be more time available in a day. Believe that? And things that bothered me are not so bothersome, not even an issue. Whatever. Let me also add that Michele’s intuitive guidance skills are second to none and have rung true for me in invaluable ways now and looking forward to a brighter future! Thank you for your gifts, Michele!!!

S. Ryon,  B.C., Canada


A series of intense events led me to the path of someone like me, human but attuned to the beauty of Source and life itself. I believe the hunt for finding truth, clarity and knowing what and how intuition works, led me to a secret passage towards Michele Wong. This was an impulse burst of hunger which knocked on her door. I wasn’t nervous despite not knowing what to expect, I was transparent because I wasn’t sure what I would see.  Plus, I knew I wanted answers, but not sure of what, all I knew was, I wanted to help kids, empower them, allow them to know that the Universe is theirs to explore and enjoy in peace, love and harmony.

The conversation, was incredible, I basically received confirmations, upon confirmations and clarity on so many areas; added to that, she brought a solid sense of peace, reassurance, inspirational hope to my life.  Her guidance which I took and started to follow while implementing her strategic techniques has started to create patterns of growth.  I felt and still feel the dynamics of all that has started to unfold and I am humbled to the universe for its choice in guidance for my journey through Michele Wong.

I would endorse Michele because she does hear, and she hears accurately.  I believe I was led to her because of her involvement with children. Therefore, her experience made her the perfect candidate to connect me with, to assist me on my quest.  I do believe she is authentic because she confirmed what I was in my heart and what I have been praying for. Becoming comfortable with the unfamiliar, is a beautiful experience and so far this secret gem has been a light on my path.

There’s nothing more beautiful than being in a place of servitude and finding others on the journey that assist you and propel you to levels beyond your imagination as you seek to help others as well, especially children.

In Light and Love from your friend Esther Boyce (Great Kids Adventure), Barbados


After a few coaching sessions with Michele, the coordinates to my North Star were re-keyed. When you work with Michele, expect to be guided with skillful compassion, and expect a profound and beautiful journey where fear and confusion recede into distant memory and the path forward is seeded with the courage to show up as the who you were always meant to be…

Celine R., Canada


I’ve since heard back about all my graduate school applications, I’ve been accepted to Harvard, Yale and Princeton! They are all my dream universities and programs that I really want to pursue for my graduate study. This moment reminds me of five years ago when I checked my undergraduate college application result and the excitement that you shared with me! When I was frustrated as a high school student, your supportive methods and patience helped and encouraged me the whole time. I saw my steady progress from grade 9 to grade 12 and beyond! You spend a great of time and effort to delve into every client’s strength and identity! I have met many people through my studies in North America, but it’s you who has really guided me! Thank you deeply!

Jess Z., Massachusetts, USA


My arthritic left arm does not hurt anymore since you “warmed” it. (The supposed long term pain left two days after the session. It’s been more than 6 months now.) It is indeed a miracle. There must be a reason why God gave this amazing gift to you. You are a blessing to many.

Celeste T., Singapore

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