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Coaching Services / Intuitive Guidance Rates :

      1 session is $60/hour

Single, blue,pngA 2 session package is $112 (This allows for a follow-up)

Double,orange,pngA 3 session package is $160

Triple Package,green,png

Feel free to inquire about the Life Fulfillment Course which is about working on two or three specific challenges or goals where a plan of action is followed up on a continuum with templates and intuitive guidance given along the way. It includes:

  1. A 6 Week Course with templates covering Life Mission, Mid-life transitions, Your Power Soul Blue-print, Tackling Despair while Increasing Bliss, Sharpening One’s Intuition at various practical levels.
  2. 3 Full One Hour Intuitive Life Coaching Sessions .
  3. A Set of 42 Healing Wisdom Cards from my background in Counseling Psychology, Theta & Reconnection Work.

When you make a booking, do state your preference for the services listed below. Then add the preferred date & time for the session you would like. If you can not travel to see me in Vancouver, I will email you my Skype contact. Do let me know which time zone you are in and I will plan ahead. I find Skype sessions equally accurate and efficient as the client is more focused. Some clients like to start with intuitive guidance and then request structured yet gentle coaching & counselling. This can be followed up by some Theta soul healing and a solid plan to move forward.

When a session goes to 1.5 hour, the charge is adjusted accordingly. A time confirmation will be sent to you soon after the booking : 

  • Life Coaching
  • Intuitive Guidance
  • ThetaHealing, Reiki or Reconnection
  • A blend of all three
  • Feel free to connect for the Entrepreneur & Healer Hive

Once you select and buy the session you want. Email me with your preferred date & time. A confirmation email will soon arrive.

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