Life Coaching


I have learned through the years that helping someone no matter where they are in life is based on working with a complexity of factors. From my own background in counselling, mentoring and coaching, I see the benefits with the differences.


Counselling sometimes involves psycho-social intervention and with this, we can explore your past and deal with the root causes of key challenges. Mentoring focuses on imparting specific knowledge to prepare a mentee for specific roles. Coaching helps you to develop awareness in order to assist in reaching specific goals in life.

It goes against the norm to say that my methods are a careful blend of these practices.

  • The one reason why I allow for the discovery of root causes (often stemming from childhood) is because I have seen great effectiveness in how counseling can help someone see why they are feeling or acting a certain way. It’s also effective with helping a person confirm one’s life purpose or current period purpose.
  • I also use detailed coaching templates that help clients visually process their thoughts and write down specific issues that we will tackle during the coaching session.
  • Using cognitive behavioral therapy from my UBC counselling training, we will come up with thought perspectives and approaches to build neural pathways that will better support your desired outcomes.
  • I often add Theta healing (as part of a client’s request) to the session. This can assist a client in deleting negative core beliefs that have often been a stranglehold since childhood or one’s early adult years. The healing practice further helps in giving one the strength to deal with issues that need immediate attention.
  • To move into a practical plan, I use action-oriented templates that are solution focused and so that the client walks away not only changed from the session but also in the mode of moving forward.
  • Sometimes there is a call for higher guidance that taps into a client’s past life or their spirit guides, but this is only if it is necessary in assisting their current issues or goals. Within intuitive coaching, comes great respect for what a client needs to hear and with helping a client find practical resources that will help him or her move forward in life.
  • Hence with my life coaching session, you will often receive intuitive guidance and theta healing which will help you move forward in your current situation.



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