Life coaching & the best way forward

When you have more good days than bad, it’s normal. When you have just a few more bad days than good, it’s often a sign something is brewing. When you aren’t in that space to see a therapist or a priest, a specific type of life coach can help. Sometimes, you may just want someone to sound things out with. Particularly if you are facing a big transition or if you have a few niggling thoughts like:

  • I know my gifts & want to use them with impact
  • There is something better out there…I can just feel it
  • This job isn’t doing it for me anymore
  • I can’t juggle everything
  • I am feeling less and less connected
  • I want the courage to face life & the desire to love it
  • This pain body is too much to handle

Whether it’s something big like finding your life purpose or something constantly worrying you like getting on with a family member or your boss, intuitive coaching can indeed help you.

I come from a background of communications and marketing, teaching and media. My passions in life are coaching, mentoring, and holistic healing. Each day I learn something from those that I’ve helped and those that have helped me.  With my counseling training and higher guidance, I want to help you find that life or that vocation that you will feel excited enough to wake up every morning for.

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With awareness and some support, you can make every failure or pain a step in the stairway of life. There are many stairways, some small, some dark, some forever winding. You walk, you live, you learn but always you must love yourself.